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2005.  When Extreme Makeover Home Edition called us we had hoped that we would get a little advance notice. A "little" notice is all we got. Barely 10 days before we would have to ship it via Next Day Air to get it to the project site in time for the reveal to the family. Plus, the store owner was going out of town in a few days. No pressure!    

We also had some color restrictions that the recipient had requested. Most of our assembled doll houses sold at Christmas and it takes us all year to build back up. So we took a house that was on our shelf and did a minor remodel to it, there was no time to make another house.

Our staff furnished and accessorized it then we took a few quick photos so that the ABC crew would know how to set it up on site. After that one of our artisans got to work making the modifications to the front of the house. We shipped it out via next day air on Friday the 4th and it was delivered on the next business day, Monday, March 7th. Just two days before the house would be revealed to the family.

One of the most important things to remember is that when building a dollhouse, there are essentially no limitations other than time and money. Virtually anything that can be done on a real house, brick work, wood work, windows, roofing, cabinetry, what ever, can be done to a dollhouse. The small changes we made to this house such as the stone work, porch floor, porch rails and posts, window boxes and painting really brought out a lot of depth and realism in the house. If we'd had more time we could have done a lot more!


Sorry, the photos here don't do the house justice. But we were under the gun and did not have time to set up for great photos.

The episode is scheduled to air on April 24th as of right now.

The price shown on this house is approximately what the house and furnishings cost along with the artist modifications made to the house. The basic house itself, assembled and finished inside and out sells for under $380 on our web site, item #HWK00092.


We changed out the window boxes to ones with flowers to add color and interest to the front of the house. We also painted the shutters a soft yellow (they're a little hard to see in this photo).

Vermont Junior Doll House Extreme Makeover Dollhouse

Left Attic.

Extreme Makeover Dollhouse Attic

Right Attic.

The Attic of the Extreme Makeover Dollhouse

Master Bedroom.

Master Dollhouse Bedroom Extreme Makeover Dollhouse


The Dollhouse Nursery Extreme Makeover Dollhouse

Family Room.

We had wanted to upgrade the staircase with stained steps and handrails, but there was not enough time.

Dollhouse Family Room Extreme Makeover Dollhouse


Doll House Kitchen Extreme Makeover Dollhouse


We added Lawbre Rusticated Stone to the foundation, added a wood porch floor which we gave a weathered look to match the roof shingles. Then we changed the porch posts, railings and spindles to a fancier Victorian look and accented them with four different paint colors.

Extreme Makeover Dollhouse Front Porch Extreme Makeover Dollhouse

Weather Vane.

We used a beautiful brass Rooster weather vane from Clarebell Brass to accent the roof. We sent along a piece of white gingerbread trim that comes with the house but did not install it.

Miniature Dollhouse Weather Vane Extreme Makeover Dollhouse


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